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Our Services

A home inspection is like a yearly physical with your doctor. The purpose is to inform the potential buyer of the condition of the home and surrounding property. We do not repair homes, we only inspect and look at the home with an unbiased eye. AIS does not profit from a home inspection other than the initial fees.

The following systems are inspected:


Framing is inspected visually where accessible. Attic, crawlspace, basement.


Pipes are inspected visually where accessible. Plumbing is inspected by fixtures and appliances operated for several hours.


Service cable, main panel and interior, all accessible wiring is visually inspected. All circuits are also tested.


Controls, ducting, system mechanicals (air-handler, blower, compressor, plumbing), are visually inspected. All AC modes and heating modes are tested.


Visually inspected from exterior and sheathing inspected from attic. Drone used for hard to view areas, when needed.

Windows and doors

visually inspected for damage and proper operation.


Visually inspected for cracks, undermining and movement.

Property / Site

Inspected for proper drainage, vegetation (hedges, trees; proximity to home). Retaining walls visually inspected.


Electrical, HVAC, decks, stairways, steps, railings, grounds are all visually inspected for proper code compliance.


Interior / Exterior: Inspected for structural integrity, moisture and pest damage.


Walls and floors inspected for moisture intrusion, cracks, or movement.


Sheathing, insulation, chimney flashing, plumbing vents, electrical; inspected for leaks and/or damage.

Crawl Space

Floor framing, sub floor, foundation piers, wiring, ducting; inspected for damage, moisture intrusion.

Testing Services Include:


Second leading cause of lung cancer. This gas can exceed EPA exposure levels anywhere there are rock formations in the ground. Test results in 3-5 days


We can test for bacteria, lead, iron, turbidity, nitrates and lead. Further elements can be tested on request.


Surface samples taken. Results in 3-5 days.

A Report Includes:


The average report usually contains 20-40 photos showing any defects, damage, and or recommendations.


Reports are in a PDF format which is sent via email. We can do a printed report per request.

We serve Roanoke Rapids, Lake Gaston, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilson, Nash County, Halifax County, Edgecombe County, Franklin County, Warren County, Northampton County, Wilson County, Eastern North Carolina and Southern Virginia.

Sample Home Inspection Report

View Sample Inspection Report

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